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Natural Black  

Curls are hard to find in natural hair and hence curls are manmade. We have imported a steam oven from abroad and installed in our factory. A steam generator is in place using good soft water. The aluminium pipes of various diameters are used to make Curls. Small strands are selected using fingers from the weft and rolled up on the aluminium pipes tightly and held firm with rubber bands at the end. Then the entire 100gm weft is rolled like this and finally dipped into a mixture of coconut oil

Why Allure Hair is special?
Indian human hair is considered to be one of the highest quality hairs in the International Market. Indian hair inherently possesses durability and strength. Women in India take great care of their hair by natural methods. They seldom use products with chemicals and synthetic ingredients in maintaining their hair. Therefore, the Indian Human hair is naturally strong and durable and it can be easily dyed, blow-dried, heated and curled.